friends, those we hang our hopes on

It was a really long 20 days since my writing stopped. And I am heading present times with a little thought about friend again (thanks to my friend that gave me this idea). I had already written about friend ones and you can find the writing here. Different with that writing, as the title above said that this times friend-story is about our trust to them, our hopes that we hang on them.

Sometimes or every time, we surely have at least one circle of friends that close with us. At least, there are 2 persons that grouped in one circle created by the same interests, background, or any other similarity. We tell a friend our life stories sometimes almost more than we tell it to our family. It happened because we built trust for them upon the similarities we have.

We tell them about the crush, we share a story about our family, we act like a crazy person, and also we share our dreams or plans to be build together. The point is, we trust them and we tell them anything that we wanted to be shared and we expect they will cooperate with us. We believe we meant to be a best friend after stories always continued to be told in building the relationship.

However, because of trust that already there, because of a relationship that already built strongly. We sometimes forgot that our friends still a human, an ordinary human that still can do anything bad to us. So do we. Friends, those we hang our hopes on unfortunately is imperfect. Trust could be broken. They make mistakes, we make mistakes, and all the relationship could be unsteady or over.

The hope that we meant to keep until the future could possibly be broken anytime before that happens. I did a mistake before that, caused by my words. Fortunately, our relationship was not over yet but unsteady. I fixed those mistakes, tell my friends about my opinion, so does my friends. After that, we’ve been good again even though the relationship is not 100% perfect again.

If we make big mistakes, it can over the relationship soon or making the trust will be untrust. It can happen because we have a feeling. It can be caused by we fake our act in front of them or we manipulate them or we steal their information for our own advantages or anything else. When it happened and our feeling is not ready to face it because the trust already bubbles up between us, we broke. We can be angry and losing trust for them. The old-long-relationship-goals will be over there. Our feeling for them changing.

Keeping friend relation neither easy nor difficult. As we found one friend or more that fit our interests and we want to trust them, just trust them. But, once again, ones that have to remember, our friends still a human. Just don’t break it with a weird or wrong action like manipulating, stealing, or something that they and we don’t want to be treated. Probably, the relationship could be long last until forever. Because friends, those we hang our hopes on is our life companion that naturally exist for us (besides family of course). Keep your good relationship with your friends!

indra kurniawan

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